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Hyperbaric King is a true success story that was created from the ground up by Katja from Vienna.


Katja from Vienna designed the logo and created the brand identity for Hyperbaric King.


The website was designed and has been a great success for many years now. Contributing to the brands business success and worldwide recognition.


Fun and hip merchandise was developed. Which was strategically used to expand brand recognition and build a new following in the health, wellness and beauty community.

The Hyperbaric King brand Instagram @hyperbaricking was set up and built by Katja from Vienna as well. The Instagram account plus the website combined with the hip merchandise built something that had never been done before: A trendy hyperbaric oxygen therapy brand. Thereby creating a demand in sectors beyond the average hyperbaric oxygen user. Targeting hip, healthy and wealthy people to become clients. Which brought great success to the Hyperbaric King brand and business.

To take it  a step further Katja from Vienna added personality marketing for Ed Wildrick as a hyperbatic oxygen therapist to the brand. Thereby also greatly elevating Edward Wildrick's reputation, recognition and respect in the field of hyperbaric oxygen therapy worldwide.


This success story of creating an in demand service and brand, redefining a niche, thereby greatly expanding market share and elevating a personality to international recognition, wonderfully showcases Katja from Vienna's undeniable strategy to success.

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